"Computer World"
From Computer World
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 1979-1981
Genre Electronic
Computer World
track listing
  1. "Computer World"
  2. "Pocket Calculator"
  3. "Numbers"
  4. "Computer World . . 2"
  5. "Computer Love"
  6. "Home Computer"
  7. "It's More Fun to Compute"

"Computer World" (German: "Computerwelt") is a song from 1981 Kraftwerk album Computer World. The song reflects on the ubiquity of computers in every facet of modern society: money, communication, and so on.

Computerwelt RemixEdit


The maxi-single cover

"Computerwelt" is a special remixed version which officially was released on this maxi-single and an EMI promo compilation LP ("Single News 1/82") only. The maxi-single is released in January 1982 and it also includes two songs "Nummern" and "Computerwelt 2".