Expo 2000 Kraftwerk
"Expo 2000"
by Kraftwerk
Recorded December 1999 (original)
November 2000 (remix)
Length 6:48
Genre Electronic


"Expo 2000" is a single by Kraftwerk. Originally composed as an a cappella jingle commissioned for the Hannover Expo 2000 world's fair in Germany, it was subsequently developed into longer pieces with music and additional lyrics.

Part of the song was reinserted into the song "Planet of Visions", while another collection of remixes was released in November 2000.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Expo 2000 (Radio Mix)" (3:35)
  2. "Expo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2000)" (6:48)
  3. "Expo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2002)" (5:36)
  4. "Expo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2001)" (6:50)

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