"Geiger Counter"
From Radio-Activity
by Kraftwerk
Length 1:07
Genre Electronic
track listing
  1. "Geiger Counter"
  2. "Radioactivity"
  3. "Radioland"
  4. "Airwaves"
  5. "Intermission"
  6. "News"
  7. "The Voice of Energy"
  8. "Antenna"
  9. "Radio Stars"
  10. "Uranium"
  11. "Transistor"
  12. "Ohm Sweet Ohm"
"Geiger Counter" (German: "Geigerzähler") is the opening track on Kraftwerk album Radio-Activity.

The song opens quietly, with the slow sound of clicks. The clicks gradually come faster, mimicking the sound of a Geiger counter as it comes nearer to a radioactive source. Later, other sounds are heard, and the song segues into "Radioactivity".

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