Henning Schmitz is a current member of electronic band Kraftwerk.


Henning Schmitz studied at the Musikhochschule Rheinland and the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, and in 1980 he received his Diplom-Ingenieur qualification in sound and image technology. From 1978 he began working with Kraftwerk as a sound engineer, was first credited on the sleeve of the 1986 album Electric Café and later replaced short term member Fernando Abrantes in concerts from 1991 onwards. He has also created various pieces of music and sound effects for radio programmes produced by WDR since the mid-1980s, currently also works as a freelance lecturer at the Robert-Schumann-Institut and in addition undertakes occasional sound production work on other artists' projects.


Studio albumsEdit

With Kraftwerk
  • Global Mind Prints (2016)

Henning Schmitz, 2005

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