Houschäng Néjadepour is a German guitarist and a former member of Kraftwerk.

He was originally from India. He lived in Düsseldorf. His father had a carpet bussiness. He played guitar with an Indian touch. He wasn't in Kraftwerk too long, because he mostly played too much solo guitar, and he played too much blues guitar with blue notes in it.

He was also the member of the Eiliff and the Guru Guru.


Studio albumsEdit

With Eiliff

  • Eiliff (1971)
  • Girlrls ! (1972)

With Guru Guru

  • Dance Of The Flames (1974)


  • He liked to smoke joints
  • Former member of Kraftwerk and founder of Neu!, Michael Rother about Houschäng: 'Houschäng was the best Jimi Hendrix impersonator in Düsseldorf. He could Jimi's guitar so much better than me and in 1968 I envied him that ability'.

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