From Radio-Activity
by Kraftwerk
Length 0:39
Genre Electronic
track listing
  1. "Geiger Counter"
  2. "Radioactivity"
  3. "Radioland"
  4. "Airwaves"
  5. "Intermission"
  6. "News"
  7. "The Voice of Energy"
  8. "Antenna"
  9. "Radio Stars"
  10. "Uranium"
  11. "Transistor"
  12. "Ohm Sweet Ohm"
"Intermission" (German: "Sendepause") is the fifth track on Kraftwerk album Radio-Activity. The song segues in from "Airwaves" and at the end segues into "News".

The song consists entirely of beeps; the first chime is composed of seven notes and is repeated twice, then followed by six high-pitched beeps, with the last one slightly elongated, which serve as an opener for "News".

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