"Musique Non-Stop"
From Electric Café
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 1982-1986
Length 5:45
(The Mix) 6:38
Genre Electronic
Electric Café
track listing
  1. "Boing Boom Tschak"
  2. "Techno Pop"
  3. "Musique Non-Stop"
  4. "The Telephone Call"
    "House Phone" (2009 remaster only)
  5. "Sex Object"
  6. "Electric Café"


"Musique Non-Stop" is the third track on 1986 Kraftwerk album Electric Café.


Music Non Stop, since its creation, has been the concert finishing song of Kraftwerk.

After Florian Schneider left the band in 2008, the song was altered to accommodate video technician Stefan Pfaffe, whom doesn't have an active musical role within the band. The song is basically the same, except shorter and the percussive/harmonic sequence that occupied Schneider's solo is operated by the other band members. The Mix version (which was used in Minimum Maximum) incorporates elements from fellow Electric Cafe song Boing Boom Tschak. This was also done in Music Non Stop's Radio Edit/video.

The video of Music Non Stop is notable as a early example of working 3D CG animation. The video showcased the 3D animated talking heads of the band. The animation was created by Rebecca Allen, using software developed by the Institute of Technology in New York. The video was created originally in 1983, and thus laid dormant until 1986 when Electric Cafe was in it's final production stages.


Music Non Stop's lyrics comprise the title of the song being repeatedly chanted by a generic male and generic female voice in English and a computerized male voice in French.

Further releasesEdit

The song, proving popular, came to appear on several compilations after its initial release.

The MixEdit


One of its most notable performances is at the end of Minimum Maximum. All the members of the band solo, starting with Florian Schneider controlling harmony/percussion in a repetitive sequence of percussive clicks and synthetic vocal blips. When finished, he left the stage, bowed and Fritz Hilpert started his percussive solo, structuring his own also repetitive clicking sequence, adding echoing and speed altering effects, Fritz, after finishing, and also leaves the stage and bows, Henning Schmitz starts his bass/harmony solo, altering the, again quite repetitive, bass rhythm in pitch and intensity. Schmitz, after also finishing and bowing, leaves Ralf Hutter to end the song ,and the concert, with his melodic, uncharacteristically unrepetitive melodic organ riff. Hutter leaves the stage last, after announcing goodnight in German and Russian (the Minimum Maximum version of the song was performed in Moscow, Russia) he exits the stage also bowing, leaving the repetitive auxilliary percussive sequence and computerized vocals repeating 'Music Non Stop' in French and English to finalize the song.

Cracking the Code: Tribute to KraftwerkEdit

The song was featured in Cracking the Code: Tribute to Kraftwerk, one of several fan tribute albums released for the band. The remix is more jazzy than the original.

3-D The CatalogueEdit

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