From Radio-Activity
by Kraftwerk
Length 1:17
Genre Electronic
track listing
  1. "Geiger Counter"
  2. "Radioactivity"
  3. "Radioland"
  4. "Airwaves"
  5. "Intermission"
  6. "News"
  7. "The Voice of Energy"
  8. "Antenna"
  9. "Radio Stars"
  10. "Uranium"
  11. "Transistor"
  12. "Ohm Sweet Ohm"
"News" (German: "Nachrichten") is the sixth track on Kraftwerk album Radio-Activity.

The song starts with a voice narrating that 50 nuclear power stations will be built in the West German Republic; then, several chimes can be heard, followed by voices overlapping each other, before interrupting.