"Pocket Calculator"
From Computer World
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 1979-1981
Length 4:55
Genre Electronic
Single release
A-side Pocket Calculator
B-side Dentaku
Released May 1981
Computer World
track listing
  1. "Computer World"
  2. "Pocket Calculator"
  3. "Numbers"
  4. "Computer World . . 2"
  5. "Computer Love"
  6. "Home Computer"
  7. "It's More Fun to Compute"


"Pocket Calculator" (German: "Taschenrechner", Japanese: "Dentaku") is a song from 1981 Kraftwerk album Computer World. As the single it was released in May 1981.

Versions Edit

German Edit

The German version of the song, titled "Taschenrechner", follows the "Musician" rather than the original "Operator".

Japanese Edit

The Japanese version of the song, titled "Dentaku", is more fast-paced. Dentaku was not included on either the English or German versions of the Computer World album, but it was included in the reimaginings on The Mix and Minimum-Maximum.


An Italian version, "Minicalcolatore", was first sung live in 1981, at Discoring.

The lyrics are a close translation of the English lyrics, with a difference from the lyrics in other languages: the subtraction ("io sottraggo" [I'm subtracting]) comes before the addition ("e aggiungo" [and I'm adding]).


The French version, "Mini Calculateur" was included on the French version of the Computer World album.