From Kraftwerk (album)
by Kraftwerk
Recorded July-September 1970
Length 7:47
Genre Krautrock
Art rock
Musique concrete
Kraftwerk (album)
track listing
  1. "Ruckzuck"
  2. "Stratovarius"
  3. "Megaherz"
  4. "Vom Himmel hoch"


"Ruckzuck" is a song by German electronic band Kraftwerk from album Kraftwerk which was released in November 1970. The song was re-released in the compilation album Exceller 8, without the opening flute-echo intro.

The song has a tightly arranged opening section that includes a dramatic change of tempo, before an extended and largely percussive middle section, with an even faster reprise of the opening theme to end the piece. Following an extended drone opening played on keyboards.

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