"Showroom Dummies"
From Trans-Europe Express
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 1976
Length 6:15 (album version)
2:38 (single version)
Genre Electronic
Single release
Format 7" vinyl
12" vinyl
A-side Showroom Dummies
B-side Europe Endless
Released 14 September 1977
Trans-Europe Express
track listing
  1. "Europe Endless"
  2. "The Hall of Mirrors"
  3. "Showroom Dummies"
  4. "Trans-Europe Express"
  5. "Metal on Metal"
    "Abzug" (DE only)
  6. "Franz Schubert"
  7. "Endless Endless"

Lyrics (en - de)

"Showroom Dummies" (German title: "Schaufensterpuppen") is a single from Kraftwerk album Trans-Europe Express. The single was released on 14 September 1977.

Maxime Schmitt encouraged the group to record a French language version of the song. French version of the song "Showroom Dummies", titled "Les Mannequins", was also recorded. "Les Mannequins" was the group's first song in French.

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