"Tour de France Étape 3"
From Tour de France Soundtracks
by Kraftwerk
Recorded 2003
Length 3:56
Genre Electronic
Tour de France Soundtracks
track listing
  1. "Prologue"
  2. "Tour de France Étape 1"
  3. "Tour de France Étape 2"
  4. "Tour de France Étape 3"
  5. "Chrono"
  6. "Vitamin"
  7. "Aerodynamik"
  8. "Titanium"
  9. "Elektro Kardiogramm"
  10. "La Forme"
  11. "Régéneration"
  12. "Tour de France"


"Tour de France Étape 3" is the fourth track from Kraftwerk album Tour de France Soundtracks, and the fourth part of the four-track, fifteen-and-a-half minute Tour de France suite. The "Étape" in the name comes from the "étapes" or "stages" of the Tour de France race itself. The end of the song segues into the next song, "Chrono", without pause.

The album version of this song is slightly different from the one in the promotional version of the album, such as slight changes in timbre and modulation.

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