"Vom Himmel hoch"
From Kraftwerk (album)
by Kraftwerk
Recorded July-September 1970
Length 10:12
Genre Krautrock
Art rock
Musique concrete
Kraftwerk (album)
track listing
  1. "Ruckzuck"
  2. "Stratovarius"
  3. "Megaherz"
  4. "Vom Himmel hoch"


"Vom Himmel hoch" is a song by German electronic band Kraftwerk from album Kraftwerk, which was released in November 1970.

The song begins with distant-sounding drones that develop into Doppler effect sweeps as the keyboards begin to mimic the sound of falling bombs. Eventually, a very coarse rock groove emerges (triggered by the first beats of Dinger's drums), that quickens in tempo and, after a brief sonic interruption, reaches an explosive finale.

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